The reason I began Chiropractic was that my back was painful. Interestingly, now I realize that my back was a very small issue. I have experienced amazing changes. Pain has helped me learn much more about myself. This approach is such a gift! …
My blood pressure is now lower that it was 15 years ago (especially amazing since I’ve had high blood pressure for the last 5 years). I also feel like my body is longer. My spine is changing dramatically. Thank you.

B.E., 40 Engineer, mom New York December 5, 2018

I suffered with the pain for one week when my sister advised me to go to the chiropractor. My family doctor gave me some pain medicine and set me up for a MRI. The pain was so bad I could BARELY walk. I went to the chiropractor and felt better my FIRST visit.
I still have a little pain in my leg but nothing like when I first started. I canceled my MRI appointment. I got results a lot faster than I expected. My family doctor didn’t help me at all. I feel I have received excellent care.

Larry Ohio December 5, 2018

I was in a motor vehicle collision 30 years ago when I was 18 years of age. 40 stitches in the head, a hospital stay, some drugs and continuous neck pain afterwards I was asked to come to a Chiropractic College to see if Chiropractic might help. Well it did and now I get to help others relieve themselves of their ongoing discomforts thru Chiropractic Health Care and education on how to continue their health. Thank you.

Jim Illinois December 5, 2018

No more soreness on the bottom of my feet- this had been severe. I can touch my toes, more my neck far around as I think a human neck can go, and my pelvis seems to be involved in walking- it used to seem frozen in place. I haven’t taken a sleeping pill or a Valium in three weeks. I did go through a wee or so of feeling icky (headaches…) when I first began, but that was small potatoes compared to the results so far….

Anonymous New York December 5, 2018

My right shoulder had bothered me for three years and now, I have been free of shoulder pain since my 4th visit. I am so excited about this healing! I find this place is a refuge… it’s peaceful and loving and you feel it when you step in the door. I am excited about the changes that are happening.
I felt rather cynical at first. I hurt as I lay on the table and wondered, “How can this possibly help?” As the days passed, the pain lessened and I felt a slow release of fear. All my pain was from fear and I was shedding it. Now, when the tension starts to creep in (my shoulder). I’m willing to release it.
I am a non-smoker now and the support from chiropractic has helped tremendously. Thanks!

Nurse, 37 New York December 5, 2018

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